Thursday, November 6, 2008


This blog is all about trying to get to Obama's Inauguration....I have been thinking alot of people , and Obama Supporters are going to be trying to get to DC, if there is a way to coordinate and plan, more of us can get there and Witness History....This could be a place to meet and plan and brainstorm....

( Now I have said that I am going to get there....or bust with my teenage son 6-6...I meant it...)


Ingrid said...

We'll try to be there too..we'd ought to have our own hotel floor if bloggers we have in common show up and we can all celebrate this together..wouldn't that be awesome?
let me know if I/we can help with setting anything up. I'm ms 'PR' and dh knows a lot about business travels/hotels etc..I actually do have an idea that I will email you personally to get your feedback on later today or early tomorrow..

we ought to try to make this happen 'cause we played our part, however little it was..



Margaret said...

Why? I work for a tour company and have been slammed with this nuclear bomb of a pilgrimage to DC for this.

1560 people signed up in the last two weeks.

Hotels are booked solid anywhere within a 500 mile radius. Airports nearby are closed or at minimal flights for this day due to security. Richmond or Baltimore may be the best bet if flying in.

Thousands will be driving. With no place to park when they get there. Not sure if you've ever experienced DC's highway system on a good day or it's Metro system - but expect a mass standstill. Many will be sitting on the Hwy missing the entire show.

MLK day and celebrations are the day before. Already packing DC to it's fullest.

Bathroom facilities. 2-3 million people. Emergency services and their abilities. Freezing cold in January in addition to the bone aching winds that blow in from the near by Potomac river.

Unlike anything before, passions are extremely high. A good recipe for a stampede or dangerous situation.

Not to mention, there are some crazy people out there who wish to do harm. Security may be tight, but millions of people, bundled in bulky jackets - well, I highly suspect a terrible situation may come of this.

Stay home. Gather together a luncheon and watch the inauguration together at a restaurant or gathering place. Celebrate.

Trust me. You won't want to go though this. -M

enigma4ever said...

The Night I put this blog up....I was hopeful ...hopeful that my son and I could go..we worked very hard on his campaign all year...we wanted to go and see HISTORY....and be a part of it.....we even set aside a little money to go and see this moment- and have money for gas....but now the Hotel rooms are out of our price range....

I have no money for "going to a resturante"....and that is pointless....that is NOT what this is was about sharing a Moment in OUR History as should not be just about RICH Americans sharing in the moment...

My son and I both stood in huge crowds and lines to hear that really does not phase me much...

I am just sad that within hours of setting this blog up on Election Week it has turned into a Rich People party...